Summit 2017

From vision to reality - Leading the transformation

How do you connect two places that are close to each other and create an attractive city center for traders and customers? How do you boost your shopping delights in the city center or promote industrialization in selected areas? Are these questions that are exclusively addressed by local politicians? Not quite.

Looking outside the box, recognizing patterns, breaking old paradigms and welcoming new perspectives - these are critical factors for a successful business transformation. On February 2nd & 3rd, 2017, nearly 100 executives from numerous sectors met to discuss precisely these questions and, to look at the transformation topics of the city of Offenbach am Main.

UMS hosted this year's Summit with the motto "From Wish to Reality - Leading the Transformation". After a brief welcome and introduction to the topic, the lecture by Dr. Oliver Picht, Chairman of the Board of Outokumpu Nirosta, entitled "Transformation - Possibilities and Obstacles in the 4.0 Industrial Environment" was the starting point for the event. Christina Block, Member of the Executive Board & Head of People Development at Energy Factory St. Gallen, provided observations on the role of executives and success factors in change processes. In both lectures, it became clear which challenges leaders must master in a transformation and how this can be done.

At the dinner, our guests had the opportunity to refresh existing contacts, make new contacts and have interesting conversations.

This was followed by the content of the evening. Dr. Marc Beise, Director of the Süddeutsche Zeitung's Economic Development Committee, interviewed Mr. Horst Schneider, Mayor of the City of Offenbach am Main and Jürgen Vormann, CEO of Infraserv in what was a professional, yet, at the same time humorous way about their points of contact and experiences with the topic of transformation. As different as the perspectives of the discussion participants seemed to be at first glance, surprisingly, there were many common challenges which the local politician and the industrial park operator faced.

Following the invitation of the Mayor, we met on the second day of the event in his city, Offenbach am Main. After an introduction to the questions to be dealt with there was a tour of the city. Inspired by the impressions gained on the tour four teams, each accompanied by a senior representative of the city, worked on the transformation themes:

  • Link Marktplatz and Wilhelmsplatz - Creating an attractive city center: How can a multi-disciplinary consensus respectively a win-win situation be created in this project?
  • Shopping in Offenbach - bringing customers from the surrounding areas to Offenbach for shopping: How can all actors, despite initially different interests, agree on a common goal and approach?
  • Offenbach’s East side – Industrial Estates in Quartier 4.0: How can the implementation of the agreed project be accelerated and the waiting prospective party be given security?
  • City marketing company - Centralization with constructive support for all: How can individual and collective interests be linked, so that everyone benefits from bundling activities?

An important insight in all workshops: Almost all participants can report on comparable questions from their daily lives and the respective approaches and experiences. Lord Mayor Schneider explores the results of the workshops work enthusiastically and gives immediate feedback. Of course, not everything is new, but various points promise real added value.

This year, our customers were particularly inspired by the cross-sector exchange and working in interdisciplinary teams. "The more mixed the team, the better the ideas" was one of the findings. Also, the structured approach to the issues within the workshops was met with enthusiasm.

„A great event that ensures that well-known look outside the box and offered many starting points for an implementation in a company. Exciting was the exchange with people from other organizations and areas. You quickly notice that transformation is a top issue for all colleagues.“
Benjamin Schröder, Head of Complaint, Quality Management, Operational Control, HALLESCHE Krankenversicherung a. G.

Following the workshop, Prof. Dr. phil. habil. Christian T. Haas, Professor of Quantitative Research Methods and Director of the Institute for Complex Health Research at Fresenius University gave a further perspective on the subject of transformation, with his neurobiological view of transformational processes and thus provided the highly inspiring conclusion to the event.

We would like to thank Mr. Schneider for his hospitality and the insights he gave us within the framework of the Summit in his area of responsibility. A hearty “thank you” to all speakers, to the representatives of the city of Offenbach, and, last, but not least, to our guests. Their contribution of experiences and their enthusiasm make the Summit a very special event year on year.