Conference "Mobility 2100"

"Sharing - Necessity or Life Philosophy"

On May 11, 2017, Fraport AG held the "Mobility 2100" conference in Frankfurt for the sixth time under the direction of Prof. Petra K. Schäfer and the Department of “Neue Mobilität” (New Mobility), entitled "Sharing - Necessity or Life Philosophy". Against the backdrop theme of "sharing", the various lectures gave insights into present and future mobility behavior and illuminated the topic from various perspectives.

In addition to topics such as "Shared Mobility", "Car Sharing" and "Sharing Economy and Digitization", there was also an insight into the world of couchsurfing that the journalist Thomas Niemietz gave in his lecture "From 3 sofas …..impressions of the world”. The focus was on his experiences as a traveler, who used the sofas of young locals as lodging and documented this in a television series.

Under the chairmanship of Stephan Lunau, the speakers and participants exchanged views on different concepts of tomorrow's mobility and looked at the development and continuation of sharing systems, which can no longer be ignored from the cityscape of today.

Overall, the participants of the mobility in 2100 have a positive view of sharing in the future.