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Testimonials from former attendees

... the perfect split of theory and practice, exceeded expectations, content very relatable and easy to understand, tips and recommendations for application as well, specific practical examples, visualization on flipcharts, super training, structure, trainer, fantastic atmosphere between group and trainer, exciting simulation, great collaboration with the trainers, lively presentation style, constant sharing of knowledge through to the last day of training, very clear structure ... 

Academy trainings

Empowering you to success through motivation and competency

Choose what you want to learn

20 days

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

8 days

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

12 days

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt to Black Belt

2 days

Agile for Non-IT People

10 days

Agile Innovation Manager

2 days

Belbin Team Development

6 days

Business Excellence for Executives

1 day

Business Model Generation

2 days

Change Canvas

5 days

CIT Master

2 days

CIT Practitioner

6 days

Design for Six Sigma

3 days

Digitalization Excellence for Executives

2 days

From Strategy to Execution (for closed Teams)

20 days

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

20 days

Lean Transformation Belt

2 days

Lego Process Facilitator

3 days

Organizational Burnout

7 days

Prozess Management Green Belt

1-2 days

Six Sigma Yellow Belt

4 days

Understanding Customers Better

2 days

Work Life Balance