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Agile for Non-IT People

How to have endless fun as an agile team

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I want to 

  • Get fast results focusing on customer value
  • Get my clients and my team excited to work agile
  • Encourage collaboration and capture individual strengths in the team
  • Be able to share myself and my ideas in the project work

I need

  • To understand what "agility" means and when it is helpful
  • Solutions for applying agile methods in a traditional environment
  • Practical tips and recommendations for agile working
  • Arguments that highlight the value added by agility

I'm prepared to

  • Talk with others about the challenges I face
  • Explore new ways of working
  • Spend two days learning in a team of like-minded people

I will

  • Understand when agility is most effective
  • Learn the principles behind scrum and Kanban
  • Get tips and advice from people who have experience in agile working
  • Get comfortable by practicing applications in a realistic context


Duration: 2 days