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Agile Innovation Manager

Turning design ideas into success

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I want to …

  • Be able to realize innovations in my company, from idea to capitalization
  • Understand what steps to take to develop and launch market-ready products, services , and business models
  • Learn about tools for use in day-to-day innovation that also offer me practical benefits

I need

  • A holistic understanding of the idea-to-market process
  • To recognize the success factors in each phase of the idea-to-market process
  • Use cases for tried-and-tested methods and tools
  • Convincing arguments, including a model to calculate the costs and benefits of innovation

I'm prepared to …

  • Spend two sessions of five days each working with creative people
  • Get involved in an AIM design case during the training
  • Share my past experiences
  • Arrive with an open mind

I will …

  • Benefit from the Innovation Alliance's vast knowledge
  • Travel from idea to strategy, strategy to opportunity, and opportunity to market
  • Get to grips with trends and creativity techniques
  • Develop innovation areas using trends, scenarios, and consumer insights
  • Receive a practical guide to the process of prototyping, minimum viable products (MVP), and eventual market launch
  • Work alongside experienced Master Black Belts and Innovation Managers


Duration: 10 days split into 2 sessions

Certification: Agile Innovation Manager