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Agile Project Management

Pragmatical project management with agility

dsc01642 la01

I want to …

  • Manage my project with suitable methods and tools
  • Be able to structure the project process logically and clearly
  • Communicate project results clearly and precisely
  • Introduce agility into my project and project team without working in a Scrum team with new roles
  • That the project objective remains clearly in focus 

I need 

  • An overview about the available methods
  • A high practical part in the training, direct application of the methods and a lot of group discussion
  • A clear and logical process model
  • Additional support for special cases such as root cause analysis or process optimization

I'mprepared to …

  • Bring a project topic into the training where I can try out and apply what I have learned 
  • To have an open exchange with other participants of the training 
  • Gain new insights and perspectives and try out new things 

I will 

  • Learn skills and try them out immediately, which help me directly as a project manager 
  • Spend interactive training days with physical media and a high level of practice 
  • Benefit from the knowledge and experience of consultants who have worked in projects for many years 
  • Apply what you have learned directly to your own project and reflect on it in groups of participants


Duration: 4 days split into 2 sessions

Language: English