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Belbin Team Development

How to optimize every role in your team

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I want to …

  • Lay the groundwork for high-performing teams
  • Motivate colleagues to collaborate
  • Give everyone the freedoms they need

I need …

  • A clear and logical model to identify the roles in my team
  • Theoretical and practical knowledge about the effects of team composition on team performance
  • A deeper understanding of personality traits so that I can better understand behaviors and address strengths and weaknesses

I'm prepared to …

  • ​Spend two days talking about systems, not content
  • Share a specific team situation during the practical part of the training
  • Identify my own role in the team and share my insights

I will …

  • Learn about and understand the new Belbin Team Roles in theory and practice
  • Unravel the reasons why team members act and react differently
  • Gain insights into the structure of high-performing teams
  • Know the most efficient way for team members to work together
  • Be able to create a solid working environment for a high-performing team
  • Learn with and from all fellow attendees


Duration: 2 days