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Change Canvas

How to develop change on a single page


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I want to …

  • Tailor change activities to our corporate objectives
  • Make change measurable and thus manageable
  • Make the positive effects of the change and responsibility both transparent and tangible
  • Identify – and subsequently drive – actions that can be realized from within seemingly abstract change topics

I need …

  • A comprehensive understanding of the success factors for change
  • A solid strategy for a planned change
  • A visual structure to help me map the change situation
  • Defined objectives for the group targeted by the change
  • Implementation tools and methods (at a high level)

I'm prepared to …

  • See change as a means to achieving hard business objectives
  • Contribute a practical example of my own, to be worked and reflected on with the other attendees

I will …

  • Learn about methods for efficient and effective change
  • Apply my new Business Model Canvas knowledge to my specific change situation
  • Explore the vision, processes, structural and cultural parameters for a process
  • Develop a structured nine-step plan to implement the change in practice


Duration: 2 days