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CIT Practitioner

How to generate authentic acceptance for change

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I want to …

  • Build change capabilities in my company
  • Efficiently and effectively implement change activities
  • Successfully manage change and steer it using a structured process

I need …

  • The key change tools that I can apply in this project setting
  • Sensitivity when dealing with the people affected by change
  • The ability to cope with conflicts and resistance
  • To be confident in the knowledge that I can drive change even in challenging situations

I'm prepared to …

  • Work on real-life examples and case studies
  • Bring along a relevant change management project or program
  • Spend two days learning in a team of like-minded people

I will …

  • Have fun learning and applying this knowledge
  • Learn about and understand the entirety of the change process
  • Be capable of understanding the need for a vision for change processes, and translating it into an implementation-based change strategy across and beyond the required action areas
  • Learn about and structure the entire process for a specific change project
  • Learn how to apply the change management process and other methods, tools, and techniques for designing change workshop formats


Duration: 2 days

Certification: TÜV, DGQ, or UMS certification

Certification requirements: passing grade in the final test