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Design for Six Sigma

How to guarantee success tomorrow by developing market-ready solutions today



I want to …

  • Become an expert in realizing and implementing innovation projects
  • Create sustainable value through new products and processes
  • Generate project outcomes that can be implemented

I need …

  • A clear and logical process model to establish new business models, products, services, and processes
  • A clear idea of the pros and cons of various innovation methods
  • Stakeholders who support the project
  • The ability to take decisions based on facts, figures, and data

I'm prepared to …

  • Spend five days earning in a team of like-minded people and attend one practical day with the seminar group
  • Arrive with a design project to share during the training that can be used to test out and implement my new knowledge

I will …

  • Benefit from the expertise and experience of consultants who use Design for Six Sigma in practice
  • Understand and experience the DMADV cycle
  • Know how to tackle (design) conflicts
  • Discover how it feels to be a certified Black Belt


Duration: 6 days split into 2 sessions

Certification: DGQ, or UMS certification

Certification requirements: passing grade in the final test plus one design project evaluated as being complete