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Digitalization Excellence for Executives

How to ensure return on digitalization

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I want to

  • actively participate in and support the topic of digitalization in my company
  • be perceived as a competent discussion partner on the subject of digitalization
  • optimal support for digitalization projects in my role as a manager

I need

  • an understanding of when digitalization is the right solution for us and on what the success of digitalization depends
  • basic knowledge regarding new technologies, their application possibilities and benefits
  • an idea of the procedures and tools that can be used to implement digitalization projects and what this means for me as a manager

I'm prepared to,

  • learn together with other managers and exchange experiences around the topic of digitalization
  • Digitalization from scratch to rethink
  • get to know new technologies in a playful way
  • to go through a lot of material in a short time

I will

  • recognize which potentials arise for the achievement of strategic goals
  • get to know the 10 principles of digitisation
  • deal with new technologies and use them to solve a criminal case
  • get to know typical procedures and tools for digitalization


Duration: 3 days + 1 day

Certification: UMS certification