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From Strategy to Execution

How your team can collaborate to make strategy implementable

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I want to …

  • Understand strategy charts and use them to derive measurable goals
  • Identify specific action areas and derive appropriate actions
  • Win over my employees to a strategy
  • Secure the implementation of strategic actions without overtaxing the organization

I need …

  • ​A method to break down more or less abstract and aggregated strategic objectives into meaningful, individual areas of responsibility
  • Clear and realistic priorities I can really get behind
  • Suggestions as to how I can actively manage the success factors for strategy implementation
  • An efficient and effective system for managing strategy implementation

I'm prepared to …

  • Attend a three-day training session for managers
  • Share my own case studies and experiences
  • Maintain confidentiality so that everyone at the training can speak freely

I will 

  • Transform something that seems abstract into something tangible for the employees involved
  • Use driver trees to identify and prioritize strategic action areas
  • Know how to manage the strategy implementation process
  • Learn about and understand the success factors for implementation and how I can actively influence them
  • Learn from trainers and consultants, and especially from other attendees and their experiences​


Duration: 3 days