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Lean Transformation Belt

Applying lean to capture added value

dsc1992 la01

I want to …

  • Strengthen the role of lean in my company
  • Learn how to identify and utilize improvement potentials
  • Contribute to realizing our corporate strategy

I need …

  • A comprehensive understanding of the lean mindset and toolset
  • A process model for operations-level application and sustainable embedding of lean
  • Options to change, simplify, and improve collaboration
  • Statistical methods to analyze and be able to resolve problems

I'm prepared to …

  • Spend 20 days inside the world of lean
  • Deep dive into the methods along with issues relating to change management

I will …

  • Have fun learning and applying this knowledge
  • Understand the role of a lean expert and facilitate the transfer into my own lean situation
  • Learn about lean methods and philosophy in detail and how to apply them
  • Recognize improvement potentials and be able to address them in the form of projects or events


Duration: 20 days split into 5 sessions