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Lego Process Facilitator

How to think with your hands

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I want to …

  • Use an unusual method to guide workshop participants to new insights and outcomes
  • Link haptics, visualization, and business logic
  • Understand my role as a Lego® Process Facilitator, and to prepare and run Lego® workshops in a structured way
  • Develop myself on a personal level

I need …

  • To know about the inherent potential in the Lego® methodology so that I can run effective workshops
  • The ability to win over skeptical participants to the Lego® experiment
  • An opportunity to share experiences so I can learn from professionals

I'm prepared to …

  • Spend two days learning through play without neglecting academic rigor
  • Be open to new things and be creative

I will …

  • Learn about the perfect method for running innovation and creativity workshops
  • Have fun adopting and developing new perspectives
  • Translate what I learn to my own world​


Duration: 2 days

Certification: UMS certification