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Organizational Burnout

How to recognize and track the acceleration trap

dsc06945 final

I want to …

  • Be able to detect, identify, and measure organizational burnout
  • Be able to install preventive measures against organizational burnout and stop it happening
  • Learn in and from a team

I need …

  • Theoretical and practical knowledge about the mechanisms that can lead to organizational burnout
  • Sensors for the early detection of stress situations in my organization
  • The skills to communicate my findings without restriction at all hierarchy levels

I'm prepared to …

  • Spend three days learning in a team of like-minded people about various issues relating to theory and practice
  • Share my experience with stress situations in my own organization

I will …

  • Use lean management principles to take preventive action against organizational burnout and be able to stop it happening
  • Be able to proactively detect, manage, and avert stress situations
  • Raise awareness of the risks of organizational burnout in my organization
  • Have fun learning and applying this knowledge


Duration: 3 days