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Prozess Management Green Belt

Managing processes

Metal Case

I want to …

  • Improve the process of my day-to-day work as a manager and make it more efficient
  • Become an expert in process improvement and implementation for my daily processes
  • Produce concrete, sustainable results

I need …

  • A clear and logical process model
  • A sense of stability, even when things get difficult
  • Stakeholders who support the project
  • The ability to quantify value
  • Leadership capabilities

I'm prepared to …

  • Arrive with an optimization project to share during the training that can be used to test out and implement my new knowledge
  • Arrive with a suitable business process that I face every day, so that I can apply the tools directly
  • Spend 7 days learning in a team of like-minded people

I will …

  • Have fun learning and applying this knowledge
  • Understand my role as process manager
  • Be able to actively apply the process management Green Belt methodology
  • Join a community of experts that will boost my learning curve​


Duration: 7 days

Certification: UMS certification