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Scaled Agile Framework: Implementing SAFe (SPC)

Lead your organization to embrace Business Agility and Lean thinking

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Getting organizations to embrace change takes vision, knowledge and a steady hand. Learn how to initiate and lead a successful Lean-Agile SAFe® transformation as a SAFe® 5 Program Consultant (SPC). Lead others in setting up new organizational networks, enabling your enterprise to thrive in a disruptive marketplace. Train teams, build Agile Release Trains and help colleagues to get the organization moving, when you complete Implementing SAFe. 

This four-day Implementing SAFe course will teach you how to lead a Lean-Agile transformation by leveraging the practices and principles of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®), as well as the five core competencies of the Lean Enterprise. For those of us already working with Lean/Agile on a daily basis, this program provides you with a deeper understanding of its principles and practices.

You will also gain insights and practice how to coach programs, launch Agile Release Trains, build a Continuous Delivery Pipeline with DevOps culture, and build a Lean Portfolio.

The first two days of the course—Leading SAFe®—are all about the basics you need to teach SAFe to leaders. The final two days focus exclusively on what it takes to successfully implement SAFe in your organization. After taking the SAFe 5 Program Consultant Exam, you’ll certify as a SAFe® 5 Program Consultant (SPC).

Day 1 & 2: Leading SAFe®

  • Thriving in the digital age with business agility
  • Becoming a Lean-Agile leader
  • Establishing Team and Technical Agility
  • Building solutions with Agile Product Delivery
  • Exploring Lean Portfolio Management
  • Leading the change
  • Becoming a Certified SAFe® Agilist

Day 3 & 4: Implementing SAFe®

  • Reaching the tipping point
  • Designing the implementation
  • Launching an Agile Release Train
  • Coaching ART Execution
  • Extending to the portfolio
  • Accelerating to business agility
  • Becoming an SPC


Duration: 4 Days

Certification: SAFe Program Consultant Exam

Maximum number of participants: 42

Language: English