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Understanding Customers Better

How to identify real customer requirements and use them to generate added value



I want to …

  • Have a successful alternative to competing on price alone
  • Create added value for customers and for my company
  • Increase customer retention
  • Avoid activities that ultimately do not add value

I need …

  • A process model to help me work with customers to recognize, assess, and satisfy their real requirements
  • Experience in how things actually work in practice
  • Convincing arguments to steer my customers toward accepting this new approach

I'm prepared to …

  • Invest four days split into two sessions in this training
  • Break with the paradigm that customers always know what they want, and/or what is best for them
  • Apply what I learn in between the training modules to a case of my own, and subsequently share my experiences

I will 

  • Learn from concrete examples, as well as formulate and review hypotheses about value
  • Discover how I can increase the value contribution for products and processes
  • Talk with customers about value creation and problem solving, not just prices and costs


Duration: 4 days split into 2 sessions