Partner Team

Sabine von Hanstein

A clear perspective of the essentials merges with excellent experience and knowledge to actively design the necessary change processes. Sabine has far reaching experience in sales, marketing, human resources and project management. Placed in the unique customer situation, she is a strong partner on any topic connected with change management. Her track record of change is based on the ability to incorporate not only the operational aspects but also the human, the “soft” factors. Workshops and training are the basis to transfer the necessary knowledge and skills. This is later intensified through coaching and mentoring and then leveraged by those involved. The entrepreneurial ability to counsel a strategic, sustainable change is a real distinctive feature - Sabine von Hanstein epitomizes implementation-oriented Change Management and the UMS Academy.

Stephan Lunau

His focus lies on the practice-oriented and sustainable implementation of company strategies. In the course of his extensive career as a consultant, Stephan Lunau gained knowledge about many industries and refined his renowned ability to put himself in the position of the customer and understand their true challenges. It is his passion to ensure that customers experience the best possible consulting for their respective situation and receive effective solutions with measurable success. Furthermore, Stephan Lunau is the dedicated forerunner and publisher of the UMS books.

Dr. Dietrich Alexander Herberg

As a real professional of the insurance industry, his consulting emphasis lies in the field of financial service providers in which he obtained his extensive expertise as a leader. From his own experience, he knows how to recognize priorities and fields of action and, how to choose from those, the best alternatives for implementation in the best interests of his customers. For Dietrich Alexander Herberg, the implementation is always based on a comprehensive strategy that he refines and implements collaboratively with the customer.

Thomas Reble

In his consulting speciality of banking and insurance companies, he passionately supports his customers to enable them to successfully position themselves in the market for the long term. His expertise, gained over several years, comprises all relevant functional components through the business process – from sales & marketing, to back office, operations, risk management and to IT. By employing his structured yet open and friendly approach thereby motivating everyone involved, he resolves complex questions concerning organizational development successfully. Thomas Reble is convinced that striving for excellence has to be anchored holisticly within the organization and that the focus on “The Right Thing” is the key to success.

Frank Oliver Rill

Sparring partner of the management concerning the optimization of the entire valuestream, especially in the producing industry. Based on his own experience as a supply chain executive and value stream leader, he emphasizes the right features and focal points. Through that, he ensures a holistic view which enables the design and implementation of a company wide improvement in the sense of lean thinking. Thus, crucial topics and problems of the organization are addressed, practically solved and sustainable results delivered.

Olin Roenpage

Creative thinking and acting determine his consulting approach. The range of his consulting fields is immense. Focus and strength of his work is to foster the ability of an enterprise to implement strategies and, as a facilitator, to remove potential obstacles along the way. Enabling innovation capacities of organizations and solving complex business cases are his core competencies, which help our customers to create a thirst for growth and competitive advantages. Olin Roenpage is able to connect the conceptual level of corporate strategy with concrete operational approaches that guarantee successful implementation in the respective business areas.