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Everyone now accepts that the impact of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambuiguity - VUCA for short - is going to spread. And it's equally obvious that "more of the same" will not be enough to guarantee success in the long run. We need something new.


Is corporate culture a success factor in digitization?

Together with the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management we set out to find a scientifically sound answer. With surprising results.


Cost Center or Value Center – Performance Management in support functions

The desire to increase efficiency has long since been embedded in a company's support functions. Unlike in the core functions or processes, however, all too often successful optimization is measured based solely on a unit's costs. That approach definitely makes sense in certain situations.


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From Management to Leadership

A change in top management and reorganization of the company's ownership structure resulted in a full-scale strategic restructuring. The new objectives were deliberately ambitious and designed to secure the company's future.

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Innovation is Never a Fluke

Given the ever-increasing market commoditization, the management team found itself challenged to transform the entire organization from a product provider to a service provider.

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Growth via Digitization

The company wanted to develop an online version of an existing product. The objective was to acquire new customers and increase revenues.

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End-To-End Processes

Existing customers were complaining about overly long and unreliable delivery times. Repeated overhauls of the supply chain were jeopardizing the current market situation. Some customers were already switching to competitors.

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